Get Fit NOW!

VirtualĀ Training Videos

Forget about the gym membership and personal training packages and let an experienced personal trainer guide you through a structured workout program to get to to our fitness goals. This option is great for people who are just starting out on their workout journey or even those whoa re a little bit further down the road but want the advice and guidance of a professional trainer to help make their journey quicker, safer, and easier than it’s ever been. Here you’ll find videos for people who train 2, 3, and even 5 times a week! No matter your level of commitment, Seventh Star Fitness’ Virtual Training Videos has you covered!



In-Home Personal Training

Are you sick of having to go to the gym to get your training? Do you need a fitness solution that fits the schedule of your life better than the traditional gym trainer approach? Thanks to In-Home personal training, you can have it all! If you live in Toronto, Ontario, contact us to book your fitness assessment with a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer who will come to you and get you sweating – no gym membership required! This option is a great fit for people with condo or apartment workout areas or even just a workout area in their home that they’d like to take advantage of. Whether you’re looking for tight abs, a strong core, better muscle tone, increased muscle mass or just trying to look and feel your best, our In-Home Personal Training can get you there!



Personalized Workout Programs

Not everyone needs a personal trainer with them every step of the way. Some people just need a trainer to help them find the best path to their fitness goals. If that sounds like you, talk to us about having our head trainer create a Personalized Workout Program to help you reach your best self. You could do it yourself, but with our help you can do it much faster and easier. It’s time you harnessed the support of a professional to see real progress!



Good Vibez Session

Are your muscles sore? Is your flexibility lacking? Do you need a way to relax after a hard day while relieving muscle tension and improving your flexibility and mobility? A Good Vibez Session is the solution you’re looking for! For each half-hour session, a trainer comes to you with a host of flexibility and mobility tools including a vibrating foam roller to help roll out muscle knots, ease tension, improve recovery time and improve flexibility by increasing circulation to the area and gently stretching the muscle to improve the range of motion. Stop letting tight muscles run your life and limit your active options. Take back control of your body today!