Picture of Ginny, One of Keagan's personal training clients

Name: Ginny
Service(s) Used: Personal Training

In trying to describe my personal training experience with Keagan, I came to realize that it is hard to encapsulate the impact Keagan has had on my willingness to exercise. He makes me WANT to attend all my sessions and push myself during my time with him as he makes them fun, challenging, personalized to my needs while providing a myriad of brain stimulating discussion topics that makes the time fly by. Even when I have had a tiring day, Keagan’s professionalism, high energy, and fun-loving positivity re-energizes me.

When I first engaged Keagan as my trainer, in May of 2016, I was suffering from leg issues as a result of a patellar ligament transplant during my University Physical Education Degree course many, many years ago. Even though I am versed in exercise fundamentals and tried various methods to improve things on my own, I found that my leg issues were worsening with age, to the point that taking our two 70 plus pound dogs for a walk around the block was painful. Since working with Keagan, I have improved my leg strength, minimized my leg pain and strengthened my core as well as improved my balance and cardio so that our dogs and I are enjoying much longer walks.

Not only does Keagan go out of his way to provide a training framework for the days I work with him but has outlined additional workouts for the days I am at the gym on my own. Keagan ensures that the exercise program he provides will keep your fitness improving but is flexible in adjusting your routine when vacations or injury creates personal setbacks.

Furthermore, Keagan is very willing to share his knowledge and experience in helping you develop a healthy lifestyle. When you present Keagan with a problem that is affecting your physical workouts that he has not encountered before, he takes the time to research solutions to present to you at your next session.

To summarize, this retiree is thrilled with the results I have achieved with Keagan and would recommend him highly to anyone, of any age. His caring, professional, supportive, spirited approach to personal training makes him an incredible asset to have working as your personal trainer.


Picture of Hope, one of Keagan's long distance clients

Name: Hope
Service(s) Used: Long Distance Training

Life keeps changing and we have to change with it.

Gone were the days when a little went a long way. I knew if I wanted to keep active I was going to have to step it up a bit.  The word “Personal Trainer” had never been in my vocabulary in the past. I was a bit skeptical, I mean really … I was doing okay on my own.  Or was I? I was sore, and if truth be told, I was aimless.

Keagan has been a blessing. Sore, who me?.. Not anymore! Aimless, not me! I have my goals and I have a partner in Keagan who keeps me chuckling, motivated, educated and gently shows me a new way through my stubbornness to new knowledge.  Keagan knows his “stuff” and then some. He gives you facts, resources and plenty of time and attention until you “get it”.  I have a new appreciation not only for my body but what it can do.

Thanks, Keagan

Picture of Catherine Doing Lateral raises during in home training session

Name: Catherine
Service(s) Used: In-Home Personal Training

Last winter I decided to hire a personal trainer to improve my health.  I was tired of having no energy and since I’m lazy, I knew I needed some help to get started.

I met Keagan at the end of February.  He was referred to me by a friend so I wasn’t sure what to expect at all but I decided to give him a chance.  The minute he walked into my condo gym, I knew this guy was going to be good.  He conducted a full fitness assessment but most importantly, he listened to my needs which I thought was very professional.  Most trainers don’t put as much effort into this but he really cared.  Keagan started training me on March 1st, 2017 and I saw immediate results.  The exercise plan that he prepared to target my weak areas kicked in right away.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy at first but he kept me motivated.  After only 2 weeks of training with him, I felt confident, self-esteem returned and I saw anxiety and stress levels go down.  What I love about training with him is that he doesn’t focus on weight & numbers but more on your overall health, shape, and well-being.

After a few months, my posture significantly improved, I lost a few inches and gained muscle weight, which is exactly what I wanted.  I needed this boost to help me feel good in my jeans once again.  With Keagan, you’ll never want to skip your training.  He will take your workouts to another level with his positive attitude, fun personality and creativity.  He will treat you as one of his friends and not just a client which is another reason why he’s so awesome.

Don’t think twice:  If you’re looking for a personal trainer, he’s your man!


Elena Testimonial Picture

Name: Elena
Service(s) Used: In-Home Personal Training

I am an extremely busy and hard working entrepreneur/professional with a massively packed schedule. Yet, knowing how important self-care and a consistent workout routine is to personal and professional success, I knew – the only way I would be able to fit workouts into my life is if I have someone to push me and make it happen at very early mornings, at my own home.
When I met Keagan at a networking event, I immediately connected with him and knew I wanted to work together.  I am extremely picky and demand results from myself in all I do, and naturally, demand results from people I hire.
I’ve worked with a couple of trainers before and always see results, however, I absolutely love your positive, loving, high energy and professional approach to training!  Keagan not only produced results, but showed massive dedication to my success as a client, and made the early morning workouts a ton of fun!
I keep recommending BPM training services to all that ask me about training, or comment on my appearance! I can’t wait to start our sessions again! 🙂


Neel's Testimonial Picture
Name: Neel
Service(s) Used: In-Home Personal Training
I met Keagan at a networking event several months ago. Having experienced periodic back pain for many years, I finally thought it would be time to enlist a personal trainer to help me. Keagan took the time to assess my needs and took into account my lifestyle as well. He developed an evolving program that was specific and manageable. I immediately felt the differences and have continued to improve my strength and posture while reducing my pain. Keagan is also friendly and easy to get along with, very responsive by email or text message, and always on time for our sessions. I’d gladly recommend Keagan to anyone, and I look forward to working with him more.


Dave in Trinidad during carnival.

Name: Dave
Service(s) Used: Personal Training

I had the pleasure of training briefly with Keagan in 2009 when he was just starting in the fitness realm. What intrigued me about Keagan was his ability to motivate me to start, give all I had and complete each and every workout. Considering our vast age difference, this was quite a feat.
Keagan not only helps you “build muscles”, but he approaches fitness from all perspectives – Attitude, nutrition, perseverance and ultimately you feel wonderful after every workout even though while training you feel like you are about to die…
Yes, folks he never “takes it easy on you”.


Joel Martin's Testimonial Picture
Name: Joel
Service(s) Used: Personal Training
What I had planned on getting was a personal trainer for 3 months. What I didn’t expect was getting a new friend and having a personal trainer for 9 months. Keagan was always on time and always pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself. He helped me lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle. He not only helped me get results but he taught me a lot about fitness and nutrition. He went way beyond the call of duty and switched our sessions around my extremely busy schedule. He attended my endeavours outside of the gym to support me as a friend. I couldn’t recommend Keagan more highly as a personal trainer.

 Zoheb Testimonial Picture
Name: Zoheb
Service(s) Used: Personal Training
Keagan is a very energetic and determined personal trainer, because of his enthusiasm, it’s easy to get motivated. I have seen improvements in my ability to push myself harder through out each session. Keagan always makes sure that my techniques are perfect. He helps by handing out worksheets, which are very helpful when I’m working out on my own. He has very good knowledge of his profession. Keagan is very tough and pushes you to your limits, yet very understanding and puts you at ease. I am to continue to train and keep up my level of fitness with his help for a long time to come.


Dawne Testimonial PictureName: Dawne
Service(s) Used: Personal Training, Good Vibez, Personalized Workout Plan
Understand, you want to work hard. But more than that, you want a coach to work with you. That is what you get hiring Keagan. On my first try with him, he took me over after my trainer left. He immediately got that I could work in the water as hard or even harder. The routines were challenging but also he gave great nutrition advice that I use up to today and have shared it because it works.  Recently after an accident, I continued to experience pain in my thighs. One session with the magic rollers reduced the pain and increased my mobility. Success is at the end of all my experiences with Keagan, a dedicated fitness professional.

Justin Testimonial Picture
Name: Justin
Service(s) Used: Personal Training, Personalized Workout Plan
I used to go the gym and exercise on my own a few times a week. I couldn’t accomplish my goals and I just seemed to always be going around to any machine or area that was free with no thought behind my workouts. Once I started working out with Keagan and his motivating personality, it was a game changer! I started to see real results in the mirror, scale and in my waist. Keagan’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition is amazing and when it’s all put into practice I felt like my goals were not only being hit but exceeded. I can’t thank Keagan enough for his help since he has now given me the tools to live a healthier life no matter where I am!